Keeping children safe from toxic air - UNICEF

You can’t see it, but right here in the UK, there is a dangerous threat to children’s health: Toxic air.

Day in, day out, our children are breathing dangerously high levels of air pollution. Across 86% of the UK, children are breathing in harmful levels of toxic air. Toxic air can harm their lungs, damage the development of their brains and stunt their growth. And it could leave them with lasting problems like asthma, badly affecting their futures.

“It can give you asthma,” says nine-year-old Jess. “If you don’t breathe clean air you can get lung disease but it can also affect your intelligence.”

Children are the least responsible for polluting the air but the most vulnerable to its harmful effects. This is wrong. Every child has the right to health. Every child has the right to live, learn and play in a clean and safe environment.

Condensation Cured are working with local schools, colleges and universities to bring home this important message, we offer a FREE indoor air quality survey with our state of the art monitor, to give you the facts, helping you to stay informed about VOC and other pollutants, more importantly how you can introduce clean, fresh filtered air throughout your premises.

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