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Mould Spores are Detrimental to Our Health

Mould is a Category 1 health hazard - this is the same category as Asbestos!!!!!!


The symptoms of mould spores are headaches, dizziness and sickness - as we all know the mould spores can also trigger asthma and other allergies.

Mould loves humidity so once the condensation starts and the mould begins to grow there is literally no stopping it. You can clean it but it will only grow back. Unless the humidity is addressed the condensation and mould will still grow.

Our Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems can prevent damp and mould growth in the home and on walls. They work by introducing and circulating the air.

By pushing fresh, filtered air gently into the home and individual rooms it doesn’t allow the stale air to settle. You now have constant air movement and the air will be exchanged up to 40 times per day.


Can I Afford to Have a PIV System?

We are so confident that you will not find another Nuaire BPEC approved Installer cheaper than Condensation Cured - OR your Money back. (terms and conditions apply) 

*subject to some postcode restrictions.