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Why have I got condensation?

In the last few years there have been so many grants available for insulating homes that we simply have not paid any thoughts to ventilation, and the two really should go hand in hand. If we insulate but don't ventilate then our homes cannot breathe, the moisture that we produce cannot escape and the side effect of this is Condensation and Mould growth. No-one likes draughts and therefore we have now blocked up all the natural leakage points that used to exist within our homes. We are basically living in tupperware boxes.

Where Does the Condensation Come From?

On Average each person produces 4 pints of moisture per day just from everyday activities such as breathing, cooking, washing and bathing. When the temperature in our home is warm, the air can hold the moisture. When the temperature drops, generally when we go to bed overnight and when we go out to work the next day, the air can no longer hold the moisture and it reaches its 'dew point' which is the point at which the moisture in the air turns to water and condensation is formed. This moisture will always migrate to the coldest parts of the house which is why condensation forms on Windows and outside Walls. Invariably the repeated build up of condensation causes the Unsightly Black Mould Growth.

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