1. Testimonial from December 10, 2023: Lucy T. - Homeowner "I can't thank Condensation Cured enough for their Condensation Cured PIV installation and mould treatment services. Since the work was completed, my family and I have experienced a significant improvement in our respiratory health. The air feels cleaner, and there's been no sign of mould. We're grateful for the positive change in our home environment."
  2. Testimonial from January 5, 2024: Robert H. - Property Manager "After struggling with mould issues in several of our rental properties, we enlisted the help of Condensation Cured . Their Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments have been a game-changer. Not only have we seen a reduction in mould growth, but tenants have also reported fewer respiratory issues. The health benefits post-installation are undeniable."

  3. Testimonial from January 15, 2024: Sophie L. - Business Owner "As a business owner, ensuring a healthy work environment is crucial. Thanks to Condensation Cured & their Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments, our office space feels fresher and more breathable. Employees have noticed a decrease in allergy symptoms, and productivity has improved. I highly recommend their services for both health and comfort."

  4. Testimonial from January 28, 2024: Mark B. - Landlord "Maintaining tenant satisfaction is a priority for me, which is why I turned to Condensation Cured for their expertise in mould treatment and PIV installations. Since the work was completed, tenants have reported fewer health issues related to mould exposure. The investment in improving indoor air quality has been well worth it."

  5. Testimonial from February 7, 2024: Jennifer M. - Homeowner "Dealing with mould in our home was taking a toll on our family's health. Thanks to Condensation Cured PIV installation and mould treatment services, we've experienced a remarkable improvement in our well-being. The air feels cleaner, and allergy symptoms have decreased significantly. We're thrilled with the results."

  6. Testimonial from February 12, 2024: Daniel R. - Property Manager "Since implementing Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments, our rental properties have become healthier living spaces. Tenants have noticed a reduction in respiratory issues, and the instances of mould growth have decreased. The positive feedback from tenants speaks volumes about the effectiveness of these services."

  7. Testimonial from February 20, 2024: Anna K. - Business Owner "The decision to invest in Condensation Cured PIV installations has greatly benefited our workplace. Employees have reported feeling more energised and focused, thanks to the improved air quality. We've noticed a significant reduction in sick days, which we attribute to the healthier indoor environment."

  8. Testimonial from February 25, 2024: David L. - Landlord "As a landlord, it's essential to provide tenants with a safe and healthy living environment.  Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments have helped me achieve this goal. Tenants have experienced fewer respiratory issues, and there's been a noticeable decrease in mould-related problems. I'm impressed with the results."

  9. Testimonial from February 29, 2024: Emma S. - Homeowner "I was concerned about the health implications of mould in my home, but  came to the rescue with their Condensation Cured PIV installation and mould treatment services. Since then, my family has noticed a significant improvement in our respiratory health. The air feels fresher, and we no longer worry about mould-related issues."

  10. Testimonial from March 3, 2024: James W. - Property Manager "Thanks to  Condensation Cured our rental properties have become healthier and more comfortable for tenants. The reduction in mould growth and improvement in indoor air quality have led to fewer complaints and happier tenants. We're thrilled with the results!"

  11. Testimonial from March 5, 2024: Sarah G. - Business Owner "Investing in Condensation Cured PIV installations has been one of the best decisions for our business. Employees have reported feeling healthier and more focused, leading to increased productivity. The improvement in indoor air quality has had a tangible impact on our workplace atmosphere."

  12. Testimonial from March 7, 2024: Michael H. - Landlord "I've been impressed with the results of Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments in my rental properties. Tenants have noticed a significant improvement in air quality, and mould-related issues have become a thing of the past. The investment in these services has been invaluable for tenant satisfaction."

  13. Testimonial from March 9, 2024: Rebecca C. - Homeowner "Dealing with mould in our home was a constant source of frustration until we enlisted the help of Condensation Cured. Their Condensation Cured PIV installation and mould treatment services have transformed our living space. We've noticed a remarkable improvement in our respiratory health and overall well-being. Thank you for making our home healthier!"

  14. Testimonial from March 11, 2024: John K. - Property Manager "Since implementing Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments, our rental properties have experienced a significant reduction in mould-related issues. Tenants have noticed a difference in air quality, and health complaints have decreased. The investment in these services has been well-received by both tenants and property owners."

  15. Testimonial from March 13, 2024: Laura M. - Business Owner "Improving indoor air quality was a priority for our business, and delivered exceptional results with their Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments. Employees have noticed a decrease in allergy symptoms and respiratory issues, leading to a more comfortable and productive work environment. We couldn't be happier with the outcome."

  16. Testimonial from March 15, 2024: Simon P. - Landlord "Thanks to Condensation Cured PIV installations and mould treatments, our rental properties have become healthier living spaces for tenants. Mould-related complaints have decreased significantly, and tenants have reported improved respiratory health. The positive feedback from tenants is a testament to the effectiveness of these services."

  17. Testimonial from March 17, 2024: Jessica D. - Homeowner "The mould problem in our home was horrendous to a point where we wanted to move house, Condensation Cured treated the mould & fitted a PIV system and now I love my home again

For years and years we have been cleaning the mould every couple of weeks, This was the final chance to solve the problem after being sold other remedies from other companies that just did not work at all, we wasted so much money, I was honestly ready for moving house. Had the PIV fitted and have fallen back in love with my home, no more mould or wet walls, brilliant

Suriya, Oldham - May 23 


Finally bit the bullet and got a Nuaire system fitted, can't believe I didn't do this earlier, Condensation has gone & mould starting to dry out after just a week.

Victoria Taylor, Stafford- May 23

The mould clean that was carried out was absolutely amazing, the bathroom is like new and with the extractor fan fitted too Im looking forward to the tenants having a mould free home

B Humphries, Farnworth May 23 

What a pleasure it has been dealing with this company, from the first call to the mould remediation team that came out, from start to finish it was seamless and I no longer have mould in my home, I can't thank you enough

Karen Dunion, Uttoxeter,May 23 


We recently had a PIV system installed to help with the mould and wet windows where our 18 month old baby was sleeping, the change in the air was almost immediate and within a matter of days our whole house was rid of the unpleasant smell of mould, now the air is clean and fresh, its simply so healthy and we know our family is no longer exposed to these pollutants. Thanks a million for a first class job, we could not be happier!

Peter Gregory, Preston April 2023

Many thanks for working around us, it is massively appreciated. Installation was done to a great standard, looking forward to the room drying out and using it again

Nick Wai April 2023

Thanks very much for sending the engineers on Saturday - they were very professional and very helpful. I've transferred balance for the attached invoice. I have a couple of questions:

 1) Is the PIV unit automatically set to heat the air if it falls below a certain temperature or is this something we need to set up? This is already set to 5 degrees – you can switch the heater off so in effect over ride the heating aspect.

Treated all the mould in our classroom & fitted a system on a Saturday so not to disrupt the lessons, really pleased.

St Josephs School, Feb 2023

 Another great system fitted in one of our projects, such a great service we are so glad we found you. 

Paul UGloucester March 2023

Payment has been made, PS No Condensation this morning when we woke up!!

Mike Gent, Prestwich, March 2023nally

I cant believe the difference literally overnight

Ian Cawarda, Leicester, Sept 2018

I had this machine fitted for respiratory health issues that I have- it's not cured me but its definitely helped and reduced my hospital admissions this winter 

Tommy Tonge, The Wirral, February 2023

I was so sick of wiping the windows down every day, I saw the television commercial of another company, they came and surveyed but they were far too expensive for me. Condensation Cured were a third of the price and did not suggest I have extractor fans as the other company did. Overall really pleased with the service and the price but mostly the fact I can lie in for an extra 20 minutes every day as I am not wiping the windows down. 

Anna Perkins, Bolton, April 2023

Condensation Cured came out to fit a machine in my loft as I was convinced I had mould because of condensation. When the engineer arrived he advised me that this was a leak from the chimney stack causing my problems & guided me how to get it resolved. I'd already had a reputable company do a survey and they had said I needed a PIV & an extractor fan which was much more expensive than Condensation Cured one. I got a builder round and he did the work that had been advised by their engineer & now the problem has completely gone. So glad I didn't go with the 1st company otherwise it would have been a waste of money. 

Sue Walker, Chesterfield, April 2021

The mould in my house was really embarrassing, to a point where I stopped inviting people round. Someone at work mentioned their mum had one fitted by Condensation Cured so I got them round. The price they quoted was the price I paid, even though the loft was boarded and we had a false ceiling, It took a little longer than they expected but there was absolutely no mess & they also treated the mould for me as it was all over the flat. It was a job I had been dreading so I was glad to get the full package from them. 

B Connaughton, Bolton - April 2023

I Use Danielle at Condensation Cured all the time now in my properties. At First was a little hesitant to spend the money incase it did not work but Danielle advised of the money back guarantee & even admitted to giving money back on 2 occasions which  I liked.  When she explained the reasons why I fully understood why it had not worked for these 2 customers, then she told me that this was out of over 10k installations so I was happy to take the chance. They offer a great service at a great price & I trust them to only fit what I need. As a landlord I like to spend as little as possible so when they said I needed an extractor fan I trusted them as it was the first time in over 10 installations that they had advised this. My tenants are always happy so happy tenant means a happy landlord. its coming round to servicing time on these properties aswell & they keep me in the loop & arrange the services directly with my tenants. 

John Kader, Nationwide Properties - March 2021

In a couple of my houses I had a high turnaround of tenants due to mould problems in the house every winter. Every time they moved out it cost me a small fortune in redecorating costs, lost rent but I couldn't find a cost effective solution until I met Condensation Cured at the Landlord and Lettings show in London. They were very professional and explained my problem in a way that has never been explained before. I now understand why I was getting the problems in the house - they have addressed the issues and now this is the first winter where I haven't had a change of tenants!

Monica Peller, Croyden - October 2022

Mould treated and condensation cured. Thats all I wanted & I got it , well chuffed. 

Don Harlon, Cheshire, Jan 2023

I'd had an absolute nightmare on a new build property where we had built a garden room under the patio. The electrics had cut out as there was so much moisture getting into the void between the patio and the roof of the garden room. It was causing me a headache and the client was really unhappy as they couldn't use the room as the electrics kept tripping. Phil came out to the problem and made some suggestions, I was at my wits end and would have said yes at whatever costs. I was delighted when the machine dried out the void and the electrics came back on. Just in time for the last few weeks of sunshine that we have had. My client is really really pleased & my headache has gone.   

Russell Construction, Halifax, May 2019

we have been dealing with Condensation Cured now for just over a year in our stock of over 20k houses, the service we receive is nothing like we have had before from any company, they are honest and fit what is needed rather than what will boost their sales like the other company. We receive honest advice, many times they come back to us to say the PIV is not the rights machine for the property and advise us what it needs, this has been great for us because it helps to guide the girls in our offices with ;what to do next. They are even helping us with air quality in some of the flats we have. 

North East Housing association - July 2022

amazed that this little machine in the loft can actually solve problems but the way it was explained to us it was a no brainer, really like this company seem really honest. 

mandy, Wimbledon August 2022

Moved into a bungalow riddled with what we thought was a serious damp problem, alas it was just condensation and all solved by this company 

Nigel, Farnworth August 2022

Amazing service from start to finish, dealt with Danielle, no issues whatsoever. will recommend

Joanne, Wakefield June 2022

Really please with the system, installed in a day, condensation gone overnight

George Haslam, Uxbridge July 2022


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