High Performance Extractor Fans

We can supply & Install a range of market leading extractor fans to suit the needs of the property.

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Will an Extractor fan solve the problem that I have?

If the problems that you are suffering are in a wet room, i.e kitchen, bathroom, ensuite or utility room then yes, but not just any extractor fans. From years in the industry we know that the most effective fans are trickle fans. They are hugely popular among social housing clients for a number of reasons.

1) Effectiveness, as they are constantly running on trickle mode they are constantly extracting from the room that they are fitted in dealing with moisture at source

2) Low Running costs, With under a 5w motors these fans are around 1p per day to run.

3) Quietness , Most tenants were not switching their fans on because of the noise that they made, our fans are so quiet you would only know they were on when you put them on boost with the pullcord.

4) Low maintenance, when the filters become dirty or dusty simply wash them in soapy water.

5) The carcass will always stay put on your wall. The guts of the fan can be changed if they become faulty

You would never be wasting money on an good extractor fan, it will always provide good extraction and they enhance the performance of the PIV system by helping to draw the air through the property.

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