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Landlords Eliminate condensation and mould for good!

This property is your investment. Take the control away from the tenants by installing a PIV system proactively before you get the problems. Invariably the tenants do not mention the problem until its too late meaning you already have redecoration costs. It will take away hassle from the tenants and potential litigation claims.

Who's fault is it that my tenant has condensation and Mould Growth?

The property must be adequately ventilated for the tenants. What is classed as adequete ventilation for one family may not be adequate ventilation for the next tenants that move in. Telling tenants to open windows, not dry clothes on radiators, cover pans when cooking is no longer acceptable. As the natural leakage points in most homes are becoming sealed up with the free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation, these leakage points are simpy not there anymore. It simply doesn't wash. It's not the tenant's lifestyle, its 'modern day living.'

Condensation is more prevalent in the winter time when the weather is the coldest. With the price of energy being as high as it is, why should the tenants open their windows and allow that heat to escape?

Where there is blame there is a claim!

We are seeing more and more court cases coming to the fore against private and social landlords. Its only a matter of time before the solicitors start to advertise Mould Litigation on the television and for the sake of around £500 you will wish you invested in our systems. Stay ahead of the game by ensuring that your property has suitable ventilation.

  • Eliminate hassle from your tenants
  • Protect the fabric of your long term investment
  • British made products that reduce humidity levels, preventing condensation and the formation of mould
  • Long term cost effective life-cycle costs
  • Low maintenance

Why is Postive Input Ventilation So popular among Landlords?

Over 500,000 homes a year are having ventilation systems fitted, simply to solve the issues of inadequate ventilation which lead to condensation, mould and damp problems. This number is rising every year an is testimony on the effectiveness of the products.

The social landlords rely on PIV for one reason - cost, effectiveness and the speed of this effectiveness. Social landlords were paying out thousands per claim for damage to decorations and possessions and until PIV there was no effective response - to that effect we install over 2,500 PIV systems per year working with over 70 Social and private housing providers.

Are Landlord Discounts Available?

We are working with some Housing Associations and Landlord Associations so yes some are available, please make it clear who you are registered with as a landlord.

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