PIV Installation Services

We have been involved in installing PIV for over 20 years and the experience we have gained in this time is invaluable. We can simplify the explanation for our customers in what is becoming a minefield for the everyday customer just trying to cure condensation and mould growth - which is why customers continually return to us to solve their condensation problem.

All our installations are carried out by our own nationwide network of directly employed BPEC Ventilation registered electricians - no uncontrolled sub-contract labour. We are CHAS accredited


It is essential that the unit is installed by a professional who is not only an electrician but a specially trained ventilation installer.

If the unit is not fitted in the correct location it will not function at its optimum performance, and also invalidate the manufactures guarantee if it is not installed by an approved installer.

An unqualified person will be in breach of the building and electrical regulations, potentially causing an electrical fire if overloading the circuits. This may invalidate your household insurance.

Please note that Condensation Cured offers a lifetime warranty for all Drimaster products and this is available for an additional charge of £5 a month.

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