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Black Mould 

As our Houses are becoming more airtight as we try to make our homes more energy efficient by insulating. Without fresh air in your home, condensation and mould problems will inevitably start to arise which can cause problems to your health and home. Mould can appear in any room of the house, it’s not just a problem in bathrooms and kitchens it can appear around window frames, behind furniture, on mattresses, on external walls, floors, ceilings and doors. It can even find its way into your wardrobe and on to your clothing, shoes and bags!


Mould Spores are Detrimental to Our Health

Mould is a Category 1 health hazard - this is the same category as Asbestos! The symptoms of mould spores are headaches, dizziness and sickness - as we all know the mould spores can also trigger asthma and other allergies. Mould is a common household problem. It is caused by poor ventilation, and moisture in the air, which causes condensation. ... Left untreated, mould can cause allergies and respiratory problems, so it is important to ventilate your home well and keep an eye out for potential problemsIn some cases, black mould in your home can make you sick, especially if you have allergies or asthma. Whether or not you're allergic to moulds, mould exposure can irritate your eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs. 

Whatever black mould is visible on the surface there is twice as much underneath, black Mould loves humidity so once the condensation starts and the black mould begins to grow there is literally no stopping it. If your home is suffering from mould as a result of condensation dampness, it is important to understand that bleach and household products are not effective mould removal treatments. Mould doesn't just appear on the surface it goes deep into your internal walls and once you have sprayed or soaked the mould in bleach the mould continues to spread within the brickwork. Only specialist mould removal products and adequate ventilation can completely remove the underlying cause of the problem.

You can clean it, but it will only grow back. Unless the humidity is addressed the condensation and mould will still grow. Condensation Cured use a 2 stage service to treat black mould growth. The first application kills the surface mould and the 2nd stage gets deep down and kills the roots. 

We can treat any existing mould using our specialist products that DO NOT contain any bleaching agents. The products off the shelf all contain bleach but the danger is that the bleach aggravates the mould and it fights against the bleach & becomes airborne causing health problems so its is important that this is treated properly by professionals. Removing mould can be problematic, yes you can paint over it but unless you remove the root cause it will only come back  time and time again.

So what exactly is mould? Mould usually destroys whatever it grows on as it gradually digests it. Mould also releases tiny spores that can travel through the air; these spores often have mycotoxins and allergens attached to them. It is the mycotoxins and allergens that can affect our health and cause allergic reactions.


We offer a Unique Holistic approach to mould remediation. The 1st stage is intensive treatment of localised areas, this ensures that all surface mould (the mould you can see) is killed. Then we carry out our Atmospheric Fogging which kills all the mould in the atmosphere of the rooms, so they are healthy and mould free for you and your family or your employees or classmates, We then apply the 2nd stage of the mould remediation which kills the roots of the mould and then we can offer a thermal barrier to any particular cold spots. This barrier increases the surface temperature by a few degrees making it less attractive to the moisture. This will keep it at bay but is not a long term solution. If you are looking for a long term solution then there is only one thing for it........A PIV


Our Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) systems can prevent damp and mould growth in the home and on walls. They work by introducing and circulating the air.

By pushing fresh, filtered air gently into the home and individual rooms it doesn’t allow the stale air to settle. You now have constant air movement and the air will be exchanged up to 40 times per day.

Can I Afford to Have a PIV System ?

We are confident that you will not find another Nuaire BPEC approved Installer cheaper than Condensation Cured - OR your Money back. (terms and conditions apply)


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