Black Mould & Damp?

Why have I got Black Mould?

Black mould is the unfortunate, unsightly and unhealthy side affect of condensation, Most people could put up with the wet windows but when the black mould starts to grow, that's when people become embarrassed about the problems that they have.. Black Mould is a living organism and it has more characteristics of an animal than a plant.  Black Mould is a common household problem. It is caused by poor ventilation and moisture in the air, which causes condensation. ... Untreated, mould can cause allergies and respiratory problems, so it is important to ventilate your home well and keep an eye out for potential problems.It can wreak havoc with your health. The young and old are particularly vulnerable.  They clean the mould week after week but it just grows back, they insulate the affected area but the mould just starts to grow elsewhere. The mould is not your problem, the moisture levels are - The black mould is feeding on the moisture that migrates to the cold spots so once our system gets the moisture problem is under control the black mould will simply die as a result. Black Mould can cause sneezing, runny nose, coughing, wheezing, watery eyes, redness of the eyes, itchy eyes, skin irritations, rashes. Black mould can kill. If you're exposed for long enough, black mould spores can shut down your organs, incapacitate your immune system, and damage your brain—resulting in death

How do our Systems work to address the moisture levels?

Our Systems quite simply prevent condensation on windows and walls by using Positive Pressure. The simplest explanation that we have found is that they work in the same way as a car demister - introducing and circulating the air so the windows become clear. Switch the demister off and if the car is occupied the condensation build up will begin again. It's the same scenario in our homes.

Still struggling to get your head around it ?

Ok....If you imagine a pink smoke being gently introduced into your home from the loft through a small grill on the landing ceiling, it would travel along the ceiling until it hits the walls, then it would travel down the walls, under the door frames into the bedrooms, fill the bedrooms, into the wardrobes, behind the furniture then force the pink smoke downstairs until the house is completely full of pink smoke - what happens when the house is full of pink smoke? ......You guessed it the smoke starts to come out of any leakage points so, keyholes, letterboxes, older windows, trickle vents in windows, air bricks, fireplaces. The air we introduce does exactly the same but you just cannot see it or feel it. This constant air circulation will then dry out the areas that are wet and encouraging black mould growth and then bingo the problem is solved. 

By pushing fresh, filtered air gently into the hallway (initially) and then pressurising the rest of the house it doesn’t allow the stale air to settle on walls and windows. You now have constant air movement and the air will be exchanged up to 16 times per day.


What happens to the moisture in the air

Once the machine has pressurised the home the moisture will be forced out of leakage points such as air vents, trickle vents, keyholes, letterboxes - basically anywhere a draught comes in will reverse and the moisture will be forced out.

De Humidifier V Positive Input Ventilation

De-humidifiers collect the water that is in the air but they don't solve the problem ...the negatives far outweigh the positives.

De humidifiers dry out the air in your home, they are expensive to run, they need emptying regularly,noisy, you need one in each room, they are heavy, bulky and unsightly around the home, the list goes on.

PIV Systems are a complete fit and forget solution ...And there are no negatives - you literally have it fitted and that's it.

They improve your indoor air quality immediately, Only 1p per day to run, whisper quiet operation, no water to empty, fitted up in the loft so it doesn't take up any floor space, 5 year filter life, reduce the humidity levels in your home resulting in health benefits aswell!!

Condensation Cured are the only Installation company that offers Black Mould Treatment as part of their service, carried out by our specialist engineers. This is a 2 stage treatment. The first stage kills the surface mould and the 2nd stage kills the root of the mould that is not visible. Contact us for individual prices.

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